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Outdoor Lighting 
Make your Outdoor Space Unique once night falls

                    1. Property Site Visit
          First things first, we’ll walk your 

     property with you to discuss your vision. Here, we’ll make any recommendations using our expertise and go over fixture placement with you. After this, you’ll receive a detailed

   custom landscape lighting plan which we design to best suit your property and vision.


                        2. Installation

After you have approved your design plan, we’ll begin the outdoor installation process. In most cases, the only evidence that we were there will come from the lighting effects themselves — there is very little aggravation to your existing landscaping.

                   3. Quality Assurance

Upon completion of your landscape lighting installation, we’ll return the same or following evening after dark. We do this to aim all your fixtures for optimal lightshed and perform a final voltage check. At this point, we will also make any needed adjustments to your lighting effects.

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

                 An LED retrofit is

          essentially a conversion

           of an existing fixture

  (whether it be CFL, Fluorescent,

     Incandescent, etc) to a LED

  lighting fixture. Sometimes it is

      not possible or practical to

retrofit an existing fixture to LED

      in those cases the existing

       fixture would be replaced

         entirely with a new LED


LED Retrofits and Conversions

         LED Lighting Repair & Maintenance. Being in a natural setting, it means that your landscape lighting could be affected by its surroundings. Plants and trees grow and sometimes fixtures might need adjusting or repositioning. Lenses on your fixtures might build up dirt and bugs and as a result, they require a proper cleaning. When you choose routine maintenance with us, we'll come out to your property four times a year with four quarterly visits.


Are you interested in a routine maintenance plan?

Have peace of mind knowing that your lighting is in working order year round.


Contact Us!

Repair & Maintenance

Custom Outdoor
Landscape Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Patio Lighting

String Lighting

Stairs & Porches

Driveway, Walkway, & Pathway Lighting

Fences and Pergolas

Pool Lighting

Sitting or Dining Areas

Deck & Wall Lighting

Underwater, Water Feature & Fountain Lighting



Basic accent lighting package. Consists of single level of lighting with some pathlights to increase the safety of your landscape.



Larger areas to light up with 2 or more levels of lighting, color correlating lighting (CCT) to add contrast and depth. Tree lighting for grander effect, walkway lights, focal point lights, custom design and layout.

High End*


Typically for larger homes with multiple areas that need lighting. Varying levels of lighting, color correlating lighting (CCT) to create contrast and depth. (RGB) lighting for interactive-exclusive control. Includes patios, walkways, highlighting landscaping, focal point lights with various techniques, including moonlighting, shadowing, and silhouetting, custom design and layout.

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*Prices may vary depending on design, number of fixtures, type of fixture, and other factors.

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